Amkoullel: Mali’s greatest rapper | mavenly

Amkoullel, aka “The Little Fulani” takes his name from a well known African novel written by Amadou Hampaté Bâ. The rapper is well known throughout Africa, in France and in his home country Mali. Amkoullel raps in both of his native languages, French and Bambara. He’s released two albums that you can find on iTunes, Waati Sera and Ne Ka Mali. He incorporates western pop instruments, traditional instruments and hip hop production into some great grooves.

I don’t speak or understand French, but I am a huge fan of American rap, and it’s crazy to check out a guy like Amkoullel and see how incredibly different hip hop can be from what we hear in the US. If he spits sick metaphors like Weezy, I can’t understand them. But I can hear his flow. Amkoullel is a rhythmically compelling rapper, with a delivery that’s dynamic enough to interest even non-Francophone listeners. And his outfits are pretty sweet too.

He’s a true leader in the music community of Mali. He founded the first hip hop school, called the Farafina Club, as well as the Mali Hip Hop Association, which brings together artists, DJs, graffiti writers and dancers. He’s a three-time award winner at the Mali Hip Hop Awards, and he headlined the Waga Hip Hop Festival.

Ladies and Gents, GigMaven’s new artist of the week.

Amkoullel: Mali’s greatest rapper | mavenly.